MEATCO has access and connections to major global suppliers of technical equipment, fish & meat suppliers and producers of
additives and spices. This may seem a strange combination but it enables MEATCO to act as an independent consultant in
developing new products and processes.


Tailormade solutions can be developed with short communication lines, adressing both technical and technological challenges.


In its own laboratory, MEATCO is able to develop and test new recipes and processes on an initial small scale.  Quality, taste, colour, functionality and yield are amongst the corner-stones in new developments.

Results and achievements fro this initial trials can lead to further investigations in the form of upgraded testing in the MEATCO pilot plant
or at the customer's site.


Pilot plant

Production of small testbatches can be realized in the MEATCO pilot plant.
Available process equipment ranges from a few kg. to a few 100 kg. capacity per batch.

State of the art separation equipment enable further processing of raw material in order to judge its economical value in terms of protein, fat and non-solubles content.

R & D

As R & D expert, MEATCO is able to perform trials, test-batches and production on site.  In close cooperation with the customer, exsiting recipes and/or processes are being monitored and evaluated.

This can range from injection trials for single product like ham, loins, bacon

to preparation of meat-emulsions like frankfurters, cooked salami, breakfest sausages etc.
Also in the field of predusting and battering of pre-fried (fish)-products , MEATCO has a vast experience and is able to assist the customer  with hand-on solutions for adhesion-, colour-, taste- and/or yield-challenges.


Consultancy is one of the specialities of MEATCO.

Based on research, investigation and trials, MEATCO will evaluate existing

products and processes and will propose alternative procedures in the form of a feasibility study.

This includes a report on yield, quality, economical impact etc. of implementation of a new or alternative processing method.